Ease stress from all those tired muscles with the pleasure that improves health. Enjoy slow, gliding strokes by knowing hands. You deserve to relax. The Wave which is a mix of long, smooth strokes and acupressure is $5 per hour more; $7 per hour more for deep tissue.

30 minutes $25 U.S.                          90 minutes  $60 U.S.
60 minutes $40 U.S.                           2 hours       $80 U.S.

Couples Massage

Relax together in our secluded suite for couples where the top priority is pampering massage by two talented therapists. The Couples Massage is a private pleasure and opportunity to pause and celebrate a lasting memory of your visit to Baja’s romantic Ensenada Bay.

$40 U.S. per person, per hour.

Deluxe Facial

Look younger with rejuvenating facial care. Your treatment includes high quality facial products from Germany. Clients from Asia, Latin America and Europe say it is the best facial they ever had. Even cruise ship facial experts come to us for their facials. Our Deluxe Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and facial massage.

60 minutes $39 U.S.

Deluxe deep pore cleaning $20 U.S. more

Fancy Footwork

Your feet crave attention! Reward your toes, soles and more with our foot mask and massage. Seven thousand nerve ending will be glad you did. Acidity from stress cause excess calcium deposits that impede the flow of blood in the feet. Our leg and foot massage helps disperse calcium and increase circulation. Ask about our mask options.

This spa treatment is a favorite for just $37 U.S.

Back Scrub & Rub

Your neglected back is waiting for our gentle scrub of natural, exfoliating ingredients. Included is a back mask and neck, shoulders and back massage with the kind of pressure you tell us you want.

One hour $50 U.S.

Stone Tummy Tuck

Trust your gut feeling with our Inca inspired body treatment. Beat the belly bulge with a tightening abdominal mask and precise stone stomach pressure. Soothes the lymphatic system, helps digestion, relieves constipation, eases stomach cramps and aches and helps reshape the abdomen. Also includes a massage from the neck to the knees on both sides of the body.

Created by your host Dean and very popular at $95 U.S.

Her Delight

Enjoy the healthy pleasure of a two hour, full body massage. Easy, slow strokes boost the lymphatic and immune system and ease stress from your needy muscles. We use a special blend of almond and grape seed oil that is loaded with vitamin E for a great skin treatment apart from your massage. His Delight offers the same relaxing journey.

$80 U.S.

VIP Combo

This deluxe two hours treatment is designed to tame those tensions and make your skin look and feel years younger. Receive a one hour European facial with Janssen products from Germany. You will also enjoy a Deluxe one hour full body Massage.

$90 U.S.


Body wraps are an ultra-soothing way to relax and at the same time detox, hydrate, rejuvenate, exfoliate and nourish your body with purifying, natural elements like chocolate or wine. Consult with our experts to decide which type of wrap is best for your skin.

Body wraps usually require an hour and a half and start at $125 U.S.