Connecting the Low Back Pain Puzzle

Connecting the Low Back Pain Puzzle

From Dean Tinney
Holistic Physiotherapist
Author of Several Books

A low back injury causing acute, ongoing pain at age 21, made me want to step in front of a fast moving bus to end my constant, excruciating, low back pain and my life.

Back surgery, costly chiropractic and acupuncture sessions, coupled with various medicines didn’t help. I was truly at wits end when eventually I could not stand up due to tormenting pain.

But in 20 minutes, thanks to a unlikely stranger, I was rescued from agonizing, low back pain. This remarkable healing event compelled me to learn more about low back pain.

I became a holistic physiotherapist to help others with low back pain and invite you to come to our spa and back care center to see if we can rescue you from the misery of low back pain and or sciatica.

Seventy five dollars gains my personal low back pain (and or sciatica) evaluation and consultation and simple, physical modalities aimed at easing low back pain.

And a one hour massage focused mostly on the back side of the body from the neck to the knees, by one of our very talented female, massage therapists.

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